Your Experience

When we first meet with you, we lean in to carefully listen to your story. How you’ve gotten where you are is just as important as where you want to go. We understand that dreams and goals are rooted in values, choices, even memories.

As your advisor, we’ll take our conversations and use them to build a foundational financial plan that’s totally customized to your situation. As your advocate, we’ll champion those recommendations that we feel are aligned with your financial well-being. As your fiduciary, we promise that your best interests are always put first.

Plan for Your Journey

We will work alongside you to create a simplified and unified plan – one that incorporates risk, so that it’s just as effective in good times and bad. Think of us as sitting on the right side of the table with you, focused on your future in a professionally intimate relationship.

We have a belief – Together We Are Unique – that speaks to the collaborative relationship we look to share with you.

Part of our collaboration will be our role in coordinating the participation of your other valued advisors, including your accountant, estate attorney, and insurance agent. This allows us to take a holistic view of your financial situation.

In building your financial plan, we use cutting edge technology to cross-validate that what you may aspire to, can in fact be achieved with your current and expected future resources. This charted course will prepare your journey for both favorable and stressful market conditions.

We give your financial planning the time, effort, and energy you deserve, while focusing on those personal goals that inform and inspire your financial decisions.

Tools for Your Journey

Along your path, you’ll need various tools to help secure, sustain and grow your wealth. To fulfill the objectives of the financial plan we’ll customize for you, we can offer our additional core competencies of wealth management, advisor coordination, insurance, and retirement income distribution.

We surround you with our capabilities so that, as you progress through retirement and other milestones for your family and business, you’ll be assured with the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of.

Just like our planning experience, our solutions are designed to be thorough and effective.

As an independent firm working in an open architecture, we are not limited in the products and solutions we can identify as most aligned with your needs and goals. We have the flexibility to tap into best-in-class resources for our clients.

Dynasty’s fully customizable technology platform gives Unique Wealth end-to-end business support from a proven team, plus unrivaled access to distinctive products, enabling us to offer our clients more efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive service. Dynasty’s relationships with a diverse platform of portfolio managers, research firms and other providers allow us to deliver objectivity, transparency and trust.

To safeguard our clients’ assets, we have selected Pershing LLC to serve as our custodian. We made that decision based on Pershing’s history, strong institutional longstanding reputation as a leader in the industry and the quality of the services it makes available to our clients and our firm.

Another of our resource partners is eMoney Advisor, the leading scalable wealth management technology developed for financial advisors. Rooted in collaborative financial planning, eMoney represents cutting edge technology that we will use to your benefit.