January 17, 2022

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Jeff Sievers: 13 Years Serving the Unique Wealth Community

What comes to mind when you think of a financial advisor? Hopefully, the reaction is positive thoughts – a helpful resource, a trusted advisor, a vital part of your wealth management team. For many clients of the Unique Wealth community, a loyal friend can be added to that list.


For 13 years Jeff Sievers has served the community as an integral part of what makes Unique Wealth unique. As a lifelong learner and an adept Senior Private Wealth Advisor, Jeff has become a trusted name for so many families in the Tampa Bay area.


“The most fulfilling part of what I do is when clients take action”, Jeff says. “It’s great when clients see results while implementing the advice and recommendations that we suggest.”


Jeff is known for his peace of mind approach to wealth management. “He is a very calming person”, says Jessica Holbin, Private Wealth Planner in the Unique Wealth Ecosystem. “He connects really well with clients and helps them feel secure going into retirement.”


“It’s a team effort”, Jeff says. As one of the Unique Wealth team members with the longest tenure, Jeff recognizes the importance of working to train and invest time and knowledge to the Unique Wealth team. His results speak for themselves – having gained and maintained several client relationships lasting over ten years.


Jeff has recently gained his DACFP credentials, furthering his ability to support clients build out retirement portfolios with the use of blockchain and digital assets.


Jeff’s advice to families and individuals looking to start saving for retirement? “Live within your means, save 20% of your income, and have different buckets of money.”


Connect with Jeff or anyone else on our Unique Wealth team today to experience peace of mind financial planning.